Schrijf je in voor een online infosessie over de opleiding tot Coretalents-analist met ontdekker en grondlegger Danielle Krekels op:

  • donderdag 4 juli om 11u
  • donderdag 22 augustus om 12u30
  • vrijdag 6 september om 9u




Trainer: Irani Otten

Start: zaterdag 21 september 2024

Locatie: Groeneweg 2, 2718 AA Zoetermeer

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Powerful. Positive. No-nonsense.

With the Coretalents method, you bring people to their true core.

On an individual level, the Coretalents profile provides you with golden handles to assist with questions such as study choice, career, personal development and all forms of coaching.

At team level, the Coretalents profiles of all team members give you a perfect view of present (and latent) strengths, of where competencies are easiest to improve - based on strong coretalents - and how you can achieve optimal cooperation.

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What will you be able to do?

You will know which fun activities as a kid leads to which cor talent and know the exact meaning of all coretalents with all their components.

And know when a coretalent is strong, half or small. And know how they influence each other. And how you can get to work with them. And much more!

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of 94 billion possible coretalents combinations, learn how to conduct a coretalents analysis and put people in their true power!

Why become a Coretalents analyst?

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