Are you a psychologist, coach, HR professional, therapist, career counsellor, care coordinator or do you support people in a different role?

The Coretalents-method allows you to offer people deep insight into their nature, potential and intrinsic motivation. This helps them - and you - to address and solve their problems.

You probably already know that a coretalents analysis empowers people to leverage their value and strengths. And that the results of an analysis motivate people to put themselves (back) on track.

And you probably already also know that a coretalents analysis gives you a clear view of what gives or costs people energy, and what makes their eyes shine and what does not. And that the subsequent structured in-depth interview also offers standards and values, competencies and other important insights.

As a coach you don’t want to lose valuable hours obtaining a bit of insight into the driving force, talents, personality, motivation, competences, norms & values … of your coachee. Of course you want to get started right away so that your work will bear fruit more quickly.

As an HR professional of course you want the right person in the right place, now and in the future. And you want to communicate to your managers how best to deal with each employee to pleasantly achieve quick results, in concrete terms and with full knowledge of the facts. Moreover, you want to know precisely the talents you have for the future.

As a psychologist, doctor or (para) medical care provider you want to provide concrete assistance to people to help them solve their problems, and of course you want their voluntary and motivated cooperation.