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We developped a unique 3x3x3 approach whereby we combine in one course:

- 3 successful interventions

- on 3 simultaneous levels

- with 3 motivating and objective measuring points!

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Omdat elk talent in je onderneming kostbaar is, is een snelle en doeltreffende activering cruciaal. Re-integratie trajecten start je dus, in samenspraak met je werknemer, best zo snel mogelijk op.

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Train your inhouse Coretalents analyst(s)

HR manager, executive or coach: you are pre-eminently a professional who helps others evolve and grow.

Do you really want to get to know your employees and your organisation and put them in their power? Do you want to look miles further, wider and deeper than the classic types or compartments into which people are put? Do you want to know their entire Coretalents profile, which is so necessary for future skills development?

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Internal career guidance

With over 60 experts with thousands of career guidance sessions to their credit, we form a learning network that continuously inspires each other and enjoys sharing best practices and new insights.

We are happy to place this expertise at the service of your organisation, so that you can offer your employees a sustainable positive growth path. In this way, they can realise their full potential within your organisation and experience support and professional solidarity.

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Recruitment & Selection

Knowing your organisation, your departments, your teams, your PEOPLE is always crucial. Yes, including potential new employees.

After all, employees are people and they work together with other people: colleagues of flesh and blood who can move you to a smile or a tear.

With the Coretalents-method, you get to know the person behind the candidate: is he/she your future employee?

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High Potentials

How do you realise all the present potential?

How do you ensure that valuable employees make your organisation grow and prosper by enabling them to develop themselves and become who they are - and thus stay on board, in their strengths and with full enthusiasm?

We match individual Coretalents profiles with the required competences and thus provide the perfect starting point to realise the growth potential of both!

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Sustainable growth of (key) employees

Today, it is a major challenge to attract, retain and empower people. And if you want to avoid burn-outs and bore-outs and keep everyone's vitality & well-being in mind, you want an all-in approach.

Coretalents offers much more than the necessary knowledge of the Nature (= personality, character) + Potential (= talents, aptitude for ability with training and/or practice) + Intrinsic Motivation (= desire, will).

We are happy to give you a complete, well-founded and nuanced basis for all your HR questions!

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... this is where Coretalents comes in!

We define leadership using no less than 12 coretalents, based on three essential aspects that recur in most leadership models ... with a little extra.

In this way, (self) leadership becomes crystal clear and so do the roles and tasks that an employee wants to take on with ease.

And we'll know when which parts fit less naturally.

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Coretalents, (core)competencies and roles

As a manager you help your employees to look from their coretalents at which functions, roles and tasks suit them best and which come less naturally to them.

By building on strong coretalents you can make positive challenges in the learning process visible, coach your employees way more effectively and significantly increase their participation and 'purpose' based on aptitude and enthusiasm!

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As an employer, you want to attract valuable talent by being authentic and distinctive in your HR approach. The way you deal with your employees and how you offer them every opportunity for development is therefore extremely important.

This means that the way you say goodbye to your employees is just as important as the way you welcome them!

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Career management

Coretalents offers a no-nonsense support to take the steps you always wanted to take.

We offer you and/or your employee a powerful, positive, warm and correct point of reflection in a safe environment - for the next step in your organisation!

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This serivce is uniquely available in Dutch for organisations in Flanders

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