Because we believe that you will be happier if you can become and be who you really are.

And because with your Coretalents profile we provide you with a unique, fun and detailed compass for every crossroad in your life.

And because with your Coretalents profile you can make correct, positive and sustainable choices with correct self-knowledge, complete self-insight and justified self-confidence!

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For whom?

Use coretalents as an ideal basis and as a positive and sustainable compass in every choice.

Are you looking for the right study, a suitable profession and then an exciting job, are you accepting that tempting promotion? Would you like coaching on a certain topic, are you at risk of burn-out or bore-out, are you on track with your own life goals, do you have questions about giftedness, ...?

For you

Do you have questions about recruitment and selection, HR policy, reintegration, relationship mediation, outplacement, wellbeing, teambuilding, sustainable growth trajectories, etc.?

For organisations


How does it work?

Free introduction with your Coretalents analyst. You complete the online Coretalents questionnaire at home. During your first appointment you will go through the questionnaire together and you'll discover your Coretalents profile.

Which coretalents are strong, which medium and which small? How do they interact and what does this mean for you? What can you pay extra attention to when making choices?

Depending on your question, an in-depth interview may follow and you will be sent your lifelong coretalents report - your compass for all your future choices, doubts, growth and development!

Find your Coretalents analyst

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Looking for a Coretalents analyst close to you, or are you looking for a Coretalents analyst with a specific expertise?

You can find them all right here:

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Become a Coretalents analyst yourself?

Do you want to work with the cream of the crop because you have a passion for people and their talents? Then our training is an excellent choice!

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