Become who you are

Coretalents wants you to become who you really are. We do this by making your coretalents visible.

This way you get a lifelong valid compass with which you can make positive and sustainable choices to become who you are.

So that you are happier and more connected in life.

Discover Coretalents

Mevrouw met vele talenten

What are coretalents?

Coretalents are your character, talents and motivation. Your 23 coretalents give a precise and complete insight into what you want, what you will be able to do and what suits you. So you know exactly what gives or costs you energy, what makes you happy or exhausts you. Now, tomorrow and in 20 years.

In short: the answer to the question: who am I?

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For you

Your Coretalents-profile is a unique, fun and detailed compass for every crossroad in your life.

With this compass you will make more correct, positive and sustainable choices, thanks to a complete and nuanced self-knowledge and self-understanding that will boost your self-confidence!

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For organisations

Our Coretalents-method gives your organisation and your employees a nuanced and complete compass of what they have to offer, even what is still dormant as undiscovered talent.

Would you like to know how the Coretalents-method supports your HR policy and ensures sustainable value creation?

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Become a Coretalents analyst

Do you want to work with the best of the best? Do you have a passion for people, discovering their talents or helping them develop? Do you want to work with a detailed, nuanced and complete view on the people you coach? Do you want to empower them? Do you want to work in a powerful and positive way and not settle for anything less than the Rolls Royce of personality methods?

Then our training will be very much to your liking!

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