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VolGroei offers various options to support companies in well-being at work and talent management.

A Coretalents analysis can be used to guide strong employees towards a suitable growth direction in their career. Employees who underperform gain insight into their natural talents and their pitfalls.

An employee who uses his natural talents, uses his full potential and is aware of energy guzzlers and givers, will experience great motivation and satisfaction. Excessive stress can be avoided while happiness at work increases.

With coretalents we map which talents are present in a team, explain potential pitfalls and how the team can work together in a positive way. Teamwork is optimized by focusing on the intrinsic motivation of the employees.

Besides the necessary competencies for every role within a company, “soft skills” are also very important (team play, autonomy, innovation,…). How do you know whether a candidate has the right skills or fits into the company culture? VolGroei helps to determine what the right mix is ​​in recruitment, and which candidate meets the requirements.

Individuals can also contact VolGroei for advice on career or study choice. A person who gets to know all aspects of himself, and who not only develops competences in one direction, but who looks at the development of his full potential, will feel happier and more complete.