Who are our Coretalents analysts?

Our 400 Coretalents nalysts did not take their decision lightly. They wanted to know for sure that the Coretalents Training would add real value to their work. Why?

Most of them already have a Master’s, PhD or Bachelor’s degree and usually have tonnes of expertise and experience in their domain: human resources or personnel matters, coaching, psychology, (psychiatric) medicine, career guidance, scientific research, education, study (choice) guidance, management, organisation, engineering, operations, business administration …

Many schools are constantly updating and expanding their expertise with knowledge and experience in high giftedness, HSP, perfectionism and many other human characteristics.

About a third of our analysts took the course after they themselves experienced a coretalents analysis. The other two-thirds were convinced by the testimonies of people who had received one, or by reading the book by Danielle Krekels: ‘Beken(d) Talent – Ken je KernTalenten en maak de juiste keuzes in je studies, je werk en je leven’ (Realise your Talent: Know your CoreTalents and make the right choice for your studies, your work and your life) or ‘Krachtig met KernTalenten’ (Strong with CoreTalents) that was published in June 2018.

The scientific validation in the spring of 2015 at the VUB by a team led by Prof. Dr. Elke Van Hoof gave the online CoreTalents questionnaire a Cronbach’s alpha reliability index of .84 (the highest in the world for this type of questionnaire, alongside the Big 5). It also proved how the CoreTalents-method helps people to develop in concrete terms and ... that they themselves are eager to get started.