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Do you have questions about your career, or are you considering a different job? Are you wondering if entrepreneurship is right for you? Do you know what your (core) talents are and how you can best use them? Simply because you want to enjoy your work again or avoid making the wrong choice.

Do you, as a manager, want to know what human potential you have within your organization, and do you want to help people achieve their full potential? Do you want to get the best out of your teams?

With your question as a starting point and the Coretalents method as a basis, I provide you with clear, concrete, and practically useful answers that you can use. You can also contact me for further guidance.

When I saw the results of my own coretalents analysis, all the pieces of the puzzle in my life fell into place. I got to know myself. As an entrepreneur, I saw the method's power and decided to become a Coretalents Analyst myself. I obtained my recognition as a Coretalents Analyst in 2016. I have been active as an examiner for Coretalents since 2021 and as a trainer since 2022.

In the meantime, I have gained extensive experience with individual clients and assignments for organizations. Work that gives me great satisfaction.

I have a background in business economics, 18 years of experience in civil service and have been an entrepreneur since 2003.

I work from various locations in Utrecht, South Holland, Brabant, and Zeeland so that we can always meet close to you. Of course, I work for organizations on site.

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