Is career guidance something for you?

Yes, if you recognise yourself in one of these statements:

  • You like to work but feel that you could do more
  • You dream of a career or making a career switch and want to tackle this properly
  • You sometimes feel somewhat exhausted or bored
  • You feel that you are not in the right place
  • It is not clicking with your (new) boss
  • The new direction your organisation is taking leaves you cold
  • You feel trapped in a golden cage
  • ...

These and many other good reasons invite you to take that sensible step: personal career guidance.

The match between you and:

  • your organisation
  • your position, tasks and roles
  • your future opportunities and/or career
  • your colleagues
  • your supervisor

is crucial to feeling involved and connected with your work.

Our Coretalents analysts make it a point of honour to guide you with tailor-made solutions.

"Imagined obstacles are insurmountable. Actual obstacles are not." - Barbara Sher

You spend at least 45 years of your life working: 220 working days per year, 164 hours per month and 8 hours per day or ... 79,200 hours of your life. That simply has to be positive!

Your work has to be ‘live’able’ because it is such a gigantic piece of your life. Did you know that you should be able to use at least 70-75% - and preferably even 85% or more - of your strong coretalents in your work? So that your work gives you energy, makes you feel worthy and meaningful, and quite simply makes you happy.

Is that not the case now, or is it and do you want to keep it that way for the future?

Then it’s high time for professional, individual career guidance. Which of course starts with a thorough coretalents analysis to fully know who you are: the nature of the beast, your natural motivation and all your potential talent, even that which is hidden. The in-depth interview shows your current competencies.

We then learn not only where the shoe pinches or can pinch, but also what excites you.

You certainly don’t want to belong to the army of people who are counting the days until retirement and only then start to live? Or who don’t look forward to a new working day because there will be a new disagreement with the boss or colleagues? Or who gets annoyed with the company’s attitude because it is at odds with your own standards and values, however wonderful the opposite is expressed in the official vision, mission and values? No, right? Indeed, life is far too short and too precious for that.

Your personal and professional Coretalents analyst identifies your personality, valuable talents and motivations and ... not to be sneezed at: presents the report containing these that you can consult for life for important choices or at crossroads in your life, including your private life. This detailed and complete self-knowledge helps you to become fully who you can be, also professionally.

Your Coretalents analyst uses a specially designed tool to teach you how to choose from the ocean of possibilities. So that you make an informed choice concerning whether or not now is the time to look for a new work environment.

Who knows, perhaps a new role with a new set of tasks in the same organisation is possible and sufficient to make you feel alive (again) professionally? We discuss together what that might be, and how best to approach the situation.

Our neutral starting point is always assisting you so that you can take charge of your career in order to start or stay working in a sustainable and positive way. We discuss together whether or not that might be with your current employer.

Your professional future adapted to your own situation is central, so that you can fully ‘live’ in your ‘working life’!

You deserve all our attention - all the sessions are to be individually!

No group sessions. After all, we’re all different, right?

Your (professional) life is too unique and valuable, which is why your Coretalents analyst gives you the personal attention you deserve!

Knowing what you can and cannot change, what you can and cannot do, or what you want in order to become professionally happy, is absolutely crucial to your career.

But what you probably can’t easily change is your environment. So we look at this too, because it plays a big role!

And change yourself? Mmm, that’s a tricky one, as everyone knows who really wants to change.

Someone does not suddenly become empathetic by following a course, you know that well enough.

And even coaching has its limits. If someone is simply uninterested in what touches a person, it’s very difficult for example to show empathy that goes beyond tips & tricks from a book. It is also better not to become a crisis manager if heavy, emotional conversations make you sick for weeks on end.

Training and refresher courses only succeed in the longer term if you yourself are motivated to do so, and if it fits your nature and you have a talent for it.

You can learn anything, but to learn something and use that learning with full enthusiasm throughout your life, it is best to look at your strong coretalents: they make you happy and make your life meaningful.

In any case, it’s always up to you, it’s your decision - with our professional and warm-hearted support.

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