Detects character, talents and motivation

What makes us unique?

Never say simply “talent” to CoreTalents

There are quite a few differences between classic personality tests and a CoreTalents Analysis.

A selection of the more than 26 differences:

Completing the questionnaire is fun: there are no repetitions in the questions, you do not need to choose between a rock and a hard place, and it only takes half an hour.

A CoreTalents Analysis is not a snapshot of what you are good at or like to do. On the contrary: during your childhood (between 4 and about 12-14 years of age) there is more than enough time to reveal your true nature, your talents and your desire in effective (playing) behaviour and interests.

You’ll receive a lifetime of pleasure from your report.

You’ll receive a complete overview of your three fundamentals:

  1. your personality (who you are) + 
  2. your talents (what you could be) +
  3. your intrinsic motivation (what you want).

You’ll want to get started with it immediately.

The questionnaire has been scientifically validated and has a reliability of .84 Cronbach’s Alpha (which is as high as the Big 5 Personality Test which, however, does not provide what a CoreTalents Analysis offers).

The CoreTalents Method gives you insight into how precisely you are creative, and how creative you are. How precisely you are empathetic, and how empathetic you are. How precisely you are energetic, and how energetic you are. And so on. And so forth. Leadership, putting yourself in the spotlight, commercial or political insight, economic thinking, teamwork ... you name it. We distil these from your CoreTalents constellation in order to be able to meaningfully use them.

There is no question of (self) assessment: it is not what you can do well, but what you liked to do as a child. It is the underlying (secret) rationales that lead to the correct significance of your CoreTalents.


You are a complete person: we view all your CoreTalents separately as well as together, to see the whole as an adult.

You are not put in a box or reduced to a type.

You too with your CoreTalents constellation are unique (one out of 94 billion if we look at all your 23 small, half or strong CoreTalents together).

You get a clear view of your energy generators and consumers so that you are able to knowledgeably choose things that give you negative stress, or that keep burnouts/boreouts, demotivation and the dangerous Peter Principle (promotion to the level of incompetence) far away.

You get a view of all your latent talents, including those you have not yet discovered.

You’re not compared to others: there are no averages such that you might or might not score ‘good’ on something.

The CoreTalents Questionnaire is language, gender and culturally neutral.

Your CoreTalents are neutral in themselves. They can be interpreted positively or negatively depending on the situation. In an analysis there are no socially desirable answers or judgements.

In our guidance and advice, we take into account - thanks to the in-depth interview - your background, culture, upbringing, norms and values, education, life events and opportunities: the countless factors that have influenced you in your development.

You get an overview of your life paradoxes: apparent contradictions that make you doubt yourself. For example: “yes, I need pleasant social contact and I need to be alone”.  

There are analysts with specialisations in HB and HSP, ADHD, dyslexia and dyscalculia and other specific extras, which means that (almost) everyone will find something they can relate to.