Detects character, talents and motivation

What can a CoreTalents Analysis do for you?


Unfortunately, a CoreTalents Analysis is not for free. And of course you want to know exactly what is your benefit.

In addition to the direct and objective (!) self-knowledge that you need to make sustainable choices in which you feel good about yourself, you get a report that you can use for life - so that your investment continues to pay off.


Self-knowledge. Self-understanding. Self-confidence

From your 14th birthday, you can have a CoreTalents Analysis performed and get to know who you really are: ‘know yourself’. You don’t have to wait until your 40th or 50th birthday to have discovered, after much trial & error, what you like and don’t like, what suits you or does not suit you, and what excites you what does not.

Do you know any adults who seem to not really live? You don’t want to be like that, of course. You want a fascinating, enjoyable and meaningful life!

With your CoreTalents Analysis, you discover exactly who you are. It also gives you the desire to fully be yourself and to spread your wings, knowing that a chosen flight will suit you well and that you will be able to handle it if you - with full enthusiasm - do what is required.


Correct, positive and sustainable choices

Because you know what your character, motivation and talents are, you consciously choose with full knowledge of the facts those things that make your eyes shine, for which you have an aptitude and that fit your nature.

The right studies, a suitable profession and then a fascinating job. Whether you later accept that seductive promotion. Whether you pursue that famous study programme. Whether coaching around a certain theme would be fruitful for you. How and why you run the risk of negative stress and burnout or boreout. Whether your career is on track with your life goals. All crossroads where you end up choosing …

With your own CoreTalents Profile, you immediately know whether it costs you more or less than it will yield, in terms of your own dreams, life goals and happiness.


The right person in the right place: your career

Is what you do, in that environment, the ‘right place’ for you? Or are you trapped in the infamous ‘golden cage’ ...?

Do you suffer from tasks or roles that make you unhappy at work, or are you too often grouchy at home?

Yes? Then it’s high time to take a good look at the match between your daily tasks and what makes you really happy and ... unhappy. Our analysts will optimally guide you in choosing that job that fits you perfectly.


Avoiding stress, burnout and boreout

The ‘energy generators and consumers’, standards & values, motives and everything around them that are charted by the analysis, are very useful signposts to only do those things that make you both competent and happy. And that at the same time prevent you from doing things that exhaust you emotionally and/or physically.

Are you in a job now that is burning you out? Then perhaps it’s high time to make choices that will make your life a spectacular success - according to your standards and values!


Scientifically validated

Prof. Dr. Elke Van HoofOn 12 and 13 May 2015, Prof. Dr. Elke Van Hoof organised the 1st international conference on HSP (high sensitivity). She then validated with her team the CoreTalents Questionnaire, which obtained a reliability index of Cronbach’s Alpha .84 (this is, together with the Big5 personality test, the highest in the world).

Prof. Dr. Elke Van Hoof is a clinical psychologist with specialisations in psychodiagnostics, trauma, stress and burnout.  She teaches medical and health psychology at the VUB and is coordinator of the “High Sensitivity for Professionals” programme. She also manages the ‘House for Resilience’ in Hoegaarden. 

From the press text of the VUB:

Qualitative analysis of the research shows that the results of the CoreTalents Test stimulate direct action, giving the motivation to make the needed changes in order to get yourself back on track.’ says Prof. Dr. Elke Van Hoof.  


CoreTalents in the broader practice

An effective way to deal positively with stress & burnout or boreout is to get to know your CoreTalents. CoreTalents are your Nature, Potential and Intrinsic Motivation at their most original level. The CoreTalents Method has been used for more than 25 years in the selection of engineers and scientists.

In the meantime, three hundred HR managers, coaches, psychologists and other professionals have been trained as an Accredited CoreTalents Analyst. They use this knowledge as specialists in their respective fields, ranging from study choice to career guidance, marketing, HR policy, relationship mediation, team building, and so on


Follow your dream ... knowing the facts

To achieve your life goal you must dare to dream and ... do!

With your CoreTalents knowledge in your head and in your heart, in your body and in your soul, you’ll take the necessary steps to achieve your life goal with confidence. And because you don’t live alone, the knowledge of the CoreTalents of others - and their knowledge of yours - is a huge step forward, in connecting with others to reach your goal and helping them to achieve theirs.

Nobody wants to stand alone, and everyone needs support and constructive criticism. With your CoreTalents you know exactly what suits you and will make you happy.




Ingrid EveraertsIngrid Everaerts has been both individual and team coach for 18 years and since 2011 has been training coaches based on the principle that every coachee deserves a competent coach.


“I use the CoreTalents Method as a tool that gives me immediate insight into who my coachee is and what his or her preferences are. For me as coach, this saves me a lot of time in the coaching process: it makes it possible to quickly respond to his or her motivators and I also know how to adapt the ‘homework’ to the energy drivers. For coachees it is a huge advantage that they quickly gain insight into themselves and in this way easily and thoroughly anchor the material learned.

For me, the CoreTalents Methodology differs from other techniques in that it goes deeper, is focused on the positive, plus it is pleasant for coachees to examine their   childhood. It is non-threatening, which is not always the case with a traditional


Rianne van de VenRianne van de Ven has been an Accredited Analyst since 2013. Her passion lies in guiding highly gifted adults. She likes to talk about how the CoreTalents Method perfectly supports her in this:


​​”The CoreTalents Method is the first (and so far only) assessment tool that I have come across that can capture the complexity, intensity and drive of highly gifted adults.

 Among others due to their high intelligence, highly gifted individuals can also fall into the trap of becoming above-average ‘good’ in skills that do not really fit what they like and what gives them energy. Often with a burnout and/or boreout as a result.

With the CoreTalents Method we don’t look at the daily value of developed competences, the ability to do something, but rather at what motivates the client intrinsically and what he or she needs in work and life to experience meaning and satisfaction, what they want. This makes an essential difference for my clients!”

Fun fact: Danielle received the Mensa Fund Award in November 2015 in the Work category in the Netherlands.


Joachim WillemsJoachim Willems is IT team coach and supports the HR policy at AMPLEXOR Belgium. Amplexor is an implementer of complex websites, intranet applications and systems for automated document management. 


HRM at Amplexor Belgium uses the CoreTalents Method to draw up profiles of all its employees. Joachim has been an Analyst since May 2015 and uses the CoreTalents Method due to: “The strong emphasis on motivation - rather than competencies alone - to support employees in the development of their careers over the long term. The emphasis on motivation and potential ensures that important career choices are well-founded and that employees work in the right jobs with a lot of enthusiasm.”


Monique LooMonique Loo is an independent entrepreneur who uses her experience in multicoloured roles as company doctor, coach, trainer, CoreTalents Analyst, supervisor and intervision counsellor.


“I do this for the benefit of my clients who come to me because they (often) are looking for how they can feel ‘better’ about themselves and more intelligently combine what they need and have to offer with what the (work) environment needs and has to offer. Ultimately, it’s about the life-long development of people in and with their environment, of all ages at all stages of life, as far as I’m concerned, unhindered by formal pensions etc.

As a result, my role is no longer that of the standard doctor in the consulting room. I haven’t been active in the consulting room as a doctor monitoring absenteeism since 2000. On the contrary, I prefer ‘open consultation hours’ and it always involves ‘positive employability’, not the elimination of absenteeism.”

“I like to share these examples of insights of working people using the CoreTalents Method:

  • You might love people very much and want to make them happy, yet run into problems when needing to care for them. (Becoming a nurse and performing care tasks is not the best job for you).
  • You can certainly want to be ‘dominant’ and go for profit and impact, and still accept loss as well. (The case where a team did not understand that a dominant boss could actually accept a loss, and that he was not simply pretending to do so.)
  • You can certainly enjoy and become energised from actively working in a team, whether structured or otherwise, and still run away screaming from passive socialising and small talk. (In a team where some team members were never interested when it came to socialising, while they were always ready to go and radiant in a team context.)
  • You can really want to know something about everything and at the same time feel the need to truly immerse yourself in just one subject. (A professional who thought something was wrong with him because he wanted both, but found - as did his environment - that he had to make a choice because the two were incompatible.)

These insights are difficult to combine with the standard tests (using the big 5 that employ the polarising types based on Jung). After all, they often put people on the wrong track and sometimes ‘therefore’ lead to workers having their strong CoreTalents excluded. Or them feeling ‘obliged’ to apply their small CoreTalents. Unconsciously, because they didn’t know their CoreTalents yet.

The aforementioned insights lead the clients involved to find a healthier way to grow and develop. They now understand the points on which previous guidance or work adaptation was not yet adequate (or was counterproductive) and can now make healthier choices themselves and in collaboration with the (working) environment, also for the future; work is enjoyable again.”


Make that appointment now that marks the beginning of the rest of your life. And don’t worry, our analysts are fine people: warm-hearted, competent and interested in YOU.