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A thriving community of Accredited Analysts


CoreTalents celebrated its 300th Accredited Analyst at the beginning of 2019.

In Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Portugal, experienced coaches, psychologists, HR and many other professionals are helping their clients using the CoreTalents Analysis as a basis.

The Mirror Group of Accredited Analysts on Facebook rocks, because people intensely engage in chatting, exchanging ideas, learning from one another, giving tips, and discussing and solving possible difficulties.

On the LinkedIn CoreTalents page we also communicate more officially to non-analysts, and we regularly post fun and interesting blogs and articles that benefit everyone.

Not only company leaders Dirk and Danielle are delighted to develop new tools that will help our Analysts and/or their clients to make everyone grow and prosper. Many analysts are also happy to do the same! André Vandevenne, for example, developed tools to make learning the CoreTalents Method easier. Frouke Vermeulen and Ilse Hendrickx designed the magnificent CoreTalents Cards that illustrate the CoreTalents in images and colour.

Because almost all of our Analysts have strong CoreTalents in the area of proactive knowledge acquisition, there are several ‘Refine the Professional’ afternoons per year and more than ten one-day Master Classes on topics such as HR, leadership, choice of study, competencies, RSS, (team) coaching, burnout and boreout, highly gifted youth, HSP, relationships, and so on. Our Analysts choose which themes are offered in the coming year. Finally, there is one big event per year: TerugkomDaK [Analyst day] in December.

Obtaining at least 70% on the Master’s thesis of a Master Class yields a CoreTalents star, which gives clients a good indication of extra professional knowledge on a specific subject.

Danielle and Dirk also organise meetings around separate themes. These for example can be for CoreTalents’ own 50 Career Counsellors, and as well as for the VDAB Accredited Career Centre. Much is learned and of course tips & tricks are exchanged to help our clients even better.

Accredited Analysts can even become a CoreTalents Trainer Subject to certain conditions, including:

  1. being an expert for at least 100 analyses, and
  2. having obtained at least 2 master’s stars in their own or another field.

Moreover, Danielle also likes to make herself available to all Analysts, although this is by appointment given her crowded agenda.

Dirk is the support and refuge for all who have questions to ask, and above all for everything that concerns the organisational, administrative and financial component. Quick, serious - often witty - and always accurate, he is the tower of strength upon which all our Analysts build with peace of mind.

Finally, it is nice to be able to tell you that most Analysts from the various course groups have really become ‘friends’. There are many gatherings, much laughter and dozens of them literally work together, for example on large projects in organisations such as companies, schools and so on.