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Studies – yes, but which?


You’re at a crossroads in your life. You realise that the chosen study direction (largely) determines where you end up.

You’ve often seen friends or relatives make a wrong choice that after a few months ends in disaster. As a result, they lost a lot of money, time and energy, and sometimes even a lot of their self-confidence, unfortunately.

You don’t want that. Failing once in a while might not be so bad in the course of a human life - after all, you’ll learn a lot from it if you’re smart - but still, you want to avoid the wrong study choice. And rightly so.

You want to choose the right course of study, preferably the one that fits you perfectly. One that you can start full of enthusiasm and talent, that fits your character. Which you complete successfully so that you can further build on it positively. So that you will later have a good, interesting job, an exciting career, fascinating colleagues and ... earn the money you need to live.


You may know that a CoreTalents Analysis allows you to leverage your values and your strengths, and that the results give you the incentive to put yourself on track.

You may also know that a CoreTalents Analysis gives you perfect insight into what gives you energy, but also what costs you energy. And what excites you now and will do so later, or what not. 

But how to match this self-knowledge with all the study directions that exist? And are you sure that this direction will also lead to the professions and jobs that fit you in the course of your hopefully long life?

Our analysts help you to see the forest for the trees.

After your analysis you will receive a specially developed assignment that will help you to pick out from this huge orchard the ideal pieces of fruit that really suit you. So that you ultimately and with full knowledge choose the one that suits you best and … continues to be positive in the future.

It is easier to make strong children than to repair broken adults.
Frederick Douglass

Testimonies from young people


Adrien Dooremont, MSc Economics


“When I decided to have my CoreTalents Analysis, I was in the second year of my bachelor’s studies in a direction that was becoming increasingly boring. It took me a lot of effort to study the material which in fact was not that difficult. Despite my eagerness to learn, I began to experience my studies as a burden. I also had absolutely no desire to pursue a career in a sector where everything revolves around administration.

Thanks to knowing my CoreTalents and the advice of Danielle, I reoriented myself to a direction where almost everything fascinated me. My experience at the university began improving from day one: I once again liked to learn and experienced many lessons as if they were a hobby! I will be graduating this year (ed: 2017). I also found a job in a role where I will be able to use all my CoreTalents on a daily basis. What else could a young starter like me wish for? I now take my CoreTalents into consideration for all important decisions in all aspects of my life: it simply feels right.”

PS: Adrien became a Accredited Analyst in 2017, is perfectly trilingual and helps especially young people make a suitable study choice.


Max X


“As a young person and a generalist, it’s often difficult for me to focus on one particular activity, study or career choice. There are a thousand and one things that I want to discover and learn, but this does throw a spanner in the works if you want to engage in a permanent, long-term job or studies.

The CoreTalents Analysis showed me that I can go in many different directions, but that only a few will really make me feel satisfied. However, it’s about finding the best place for you to be on this earth, where you can develop and evolve. It helped me find a direction in which I no longer felt in the dark, but saw that little bit of light at the end of the tunnel, and went for it.”


Testimonies from parents


Danielle Krekels received this mail from a mother after her son received an analysis regarding study choice:


“Dear Danielle,

X was so enthusiastic that I had to pass on some of the things he said.

He put it like this: ‘Mum, I finally see what my problem is’. I even received a quite extensive story with some super fun anecdotes.

As a mum, a big thank you for applying your talents in such a way that my son again feels good about himself. I see that he really feels this way, and am very grateful to you for that.

Finally, I want to thank you for the difference you make and the self-confidence and growth that X has gained through your approach and who you are.”


Peter Piessens B. Sc


“Years ago I participated in a CoreTalents analysis in the context of a job application. I experienced the analysis as remarkably striking. Which is why I forwarded them to my parents and close friends who were surprised to confirm the accuracy of the analysis.  

Many years later I came across the analysis again when tidying up and I visited the website. 

My mother treated me to a CoreTalents Analysis of my kids. This summer, some 3 years after the analysis, my son is making his choice for higher studies. Without referring to it, my wife and are seeing the choice evolve in the direction indicated at the time. Funny, but it gives us a good feeling. Thanks Danielle.”


Testimonials from analysts in this domain


Ilse Hendrickx Ilse Hendrickx has been an analyst since 2012 and is an Accredited CoreTalents Trainer. One of her passions is guiding young people in their studies and providing good study choice advice to young people.


“My focus is first of all on a thorough acquaintance with the pupil or student, with the help of a CoreTalents Analysis. I believe it’s important to work in a non-therapeutic setting that appeals to young people. The interview starts quite pleasantly because I initially talk to them about their favourite activities as a child: playing football, building camps, gaming, crafts, youth movement, etc.

In the second part of the analysis, I listen very carefully to the young person’s story. In this, I find it essential to proceed sympathetically and have an open mind. Topics such as school, upbringing, friendships, but also their dreams and wishes for the future are discussed.

Finally, it is my turn as an Analyst to speak and give students insight into their magnificent CoreTalents and their unique personality. In this phase of the interview, parents are also welcome to listen in. The more parents and young people understand how things are, the more everyone can support a study choice as a team. The outcome of the CoreTalents Analysis, combined with my knowledge of the educational landscape, allows me to formulate clear study choice advice that effectively helps young people and parents. For me it’s always an honour and a pleasure to be able to work with this brilliant young talent!”


André VandevenneAndré Vandevenne combines over 40 years of experience as a teacher, director and coordinating director of a school community, with his acquired knowledge in socio-emotional, cognitive development (Feuerstein), coaching, the CoreTalents Methodology …


He has been an analyst since 2011 and is an accredited CoreTalents Trainer. His passion, in addition to career guidance, is helping make the CoreTalents Method known in education and helping young people learn to make the right choices in their life. He likes to tell it like this:

“Guiding young people with their choice of study is always amazement and astonishment at their wealth of talents, their strength and their possibilities. It is reassuring to know that young people, based on their CoreTalents, can make the right choices in their lives (study, profession, …). It is enjoyable to watch young people discover that they can be who they are, that they can be proud of this, and that they can make a difference for themselves and others.”


Nicol HeijmansNicol Heijmans is co-founder of an (upper school) class for highly gifted students with a continuous programme in the Netherlands. She prepares tailor-made education arrangements in both primary education and secondary education for individuals as well as groups. She is also a coach and has been doing all of this as a specialist in intellectual giftedness since 2005. In the meantime, Nicol has become an Accredited CoreTalents Trainer and gives CoreTalents Training in the Netherlands.


“My passion lies with gifted children and youth. Especially the last group is important to me. Within our rigid educational system, they are judged on results without taking their personal characteristics into account. I had been searching for years for ‘something’ to strengthen them in their intense  self-awareness alongside their high intelligence. The CoreTalents Method proved to be the instrument I was looking for. I often experienced that adolescents have little to no self-understanding, while that in fact is expected of them. However, they are required to choose a specialisation at a very young age, and a study choice a bit later. This lack of self-knowledge leads to the requisite uncertainties, resulting in wrong choices. In the meantime I have given dozens of young people a boost using a CoreTalents Analysis, which allowed them to come into their own. Which helped them make an informed choice that suits them perfectly.

With the CoreTalents Analysis I can get to their foundations, and with the help of their CoreTalents constellation, they choose a future where they are happy and energised. In my experience this is the push they need to stay close to themselves and from there make a positive, appropriate and sustainable choice.”


Did you know that a CoreTalents Analysis can be performed in four languages? The questionnaire and report are available in Dutch, French, English and German.