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Your CoreTalents cannot be repaired. Even better: they don’t have to be.

I received this piece as the basis for a blog post and yeah!, it definitely inspired me!

The school system must be as diverse as the students it serves. Sir Ken Robinson tells the story of a young girl who had to see a specialist because she couldn’t sit still in class. The doctor listened as the mother described all her daughter’s problems at school, while the girl sat on her hands to force herself to sit still. The doctor asked if he could speak to the mother alone for a moment. Before they left the room, he switched on the radio. The doctor and mother watched the girl, now alone in the room, begin to dance. The doctor explained that there was absolutely NOTHING WRONG with her daughter: she was just born to dance. The girl was enrolled in a dance academy and was surprised to finally be surrounded by others who also had to move in order to think.

This girl was Gillian Lynne, who later became a ballerina, dancer, actress, theatre director, and choreographer for Cats and The Phantom of the Opera (Sir Ken Robinson, TEDTalks, 2013). Gillian was not able to succeed in a school system that did not allow her to follow her real talent. She did succeed in a school that was tailored to her specific needs, which later gave her the opportunity to seize great opportunities ...

Repair Core Talents

Never to have to change again

That’s it, I’ve had it. Always and everywhere you read that you have to change.

As if you can do it just like that or want to do it just like that. As if you have to do it just like that.

Who says I have to change? Why do I have to change? ...

Never to have to change again

‘Judge a person by their fruits and not by their roots.’ – Paulo Coehlo

This statement by a gifted, world-class author got me thinking. After all, not everyone gets the chance to let their fruits flourish, let alone show them. Just think of the engineer or doctor who flees with her family from war and violence and ends up in a kitchen as a dishwasher – poorly paid or with black money. 

Judge a person by their fruits not by their roots