Detects character, talents and motivation

Is the CoreTalents Method useful for our organisation?

Better to put your energy into developing your strong points than trying to grow based on your small CoreTalents.

Perhaps your organisation is struggling with high absenteeism, a lot of turnover, people with stress and burnout symptoms or even demotivated employees. Then you know that this costs a lot of money and puts extra pressure on colleagues.

Do you as a manager or HR professional want to do something about it? And what about the umpteenth expensive programme that your employees are not happy with and that later turns out to be a lost investment?

You won't have this problem with the CoreTalents Method, on the contrary. You get a clear view, once and for all, of 1. the character, 2. the talents and 3. the motivation of your employees. (And they find a CoreTalents Analysis enjoyable and positive.)

Afterwards you can look at individual and team level which roles and tasks best suit the golden trinity of the Nature + Potential + Intrinsic Motivation of your employees. HR can take this into account when developing a strategic HR, succession and promotion policy. The supervisor understands which elements and approach are sensitive, what makes the eyes of the employees shine and which content motivates them and why.

BP Lubricants in Ghent, PB-Gelatins in Vilvoorde, St. Jude Medical in Brussels-Zaventem, Amplexor-Euroscript International in Heverlee, … These are just a few examples of companies that use the CoreTalents to positively aim for sustainable employability.